DQS Customer Portal – MyDQS 2.0 offers transparency for your audit projects  

Dear Customers


In March 2021, the new customer portal MyDQS 2.0 goes online at With this complete redesign of MyDQS, we are taking the next step in the digitalization of our processes and communication channels.


In MyDQS, you will find details of your site(s), as well as information on your audits and certificates – regardless of which DQS office is in charge of your procedures.



More Transparency for Your Audit Projects with DQS


One of the highlights of MyDQS is the new dashboard with its features for analytics and reporting. You can see the individual status of audits at your location(s) with just a few clicks. As company admin, you can freely combine locations into location groups for even more transparency and control over your procedures. And since each customer location (site) that served by DQS is available no matter where and which office and country handles the location, MyDQS 2.0 offers transparency and control of the status at each individual site in your organization.


With MyDQS we support you even more to further develop your management system. You may use the analytic and reporting tool to analyze and benchmark audit results from our Audit Manager with other audits in the same organisation, and create evaluations of your audit results.


View non-conformities and opportunities broken down by standard chapters and compare them with other locations in your organization using the data from our digital audit manager. This will allow you to quickly and transparently derive any potential for further development in your organization. The analytic data can be downloaded as PDF, CSV or Excel documents and may thus be further processed in the organization.


Another elementary component of the new “MyDQS” is the integration of a new user administration. Appointed “company-administrators” have the authorization to register or adjust other users and their individual authorizations from their organization. Users can also be authorized individually for more than one location. The advantage: authorizations can be given even for complex corporate structures, such as division at multiple locations in several countries.


MyDQS – Visually and technically up to date

In addition to the visual overhaul, the customer portal has also been brought up to date technically. With the new platform, the security of our customer data is state of the art. Furthermore, the customer portal now visually adapts to the respective end device used and may also be used on smartphones or tablets.

You would like to use the new MyDQS 2.0 for your audit projects and already had access to MyDQS in the past?

For security reasons, we have not transferred the previous passwords to the revised customer portal. Therefore, please reset your password when you log in for the first time using the “Lost password” function.


You can access the customer portal at or the corporate website This is also where you will continue to find the customer database and the certificate check.


You do not have access to MyDQS yet?

Please contact your local DQS office so they can initate access for your company. Access will be issued to authorized contact persons for the respective site or your organization only. Once complete, we will send you an activation link.


To get to know MyDQS and its features, we held two live sessions on 3 and 4 March. Please contact your office for further details. If you have missed them, the recording is available on the Youtube channel of DQS Holding at


Who can help with questions?


Before accessing MyDQS please make sure, that we have your correct contact information to enable a smooth entry to our customer portal. For any questions regarding the entry to MyDQS and beyond, please contact your responsible DQS office.


If you have further technical problems, please contact the ServiceDesk at DQS Germany at


For other questions regarding MyDQS, please contact your responsible account manager at your local DQS office.


We look forward to continue our successful and trusting cooperation.


Kind regards,